Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Totally Tim - Older than he was last

Saturday, February 25, 2006. That’s the date of my last post on this blog. It’s been said before that time passes so quickly. It is said so often because it is true. So much has happened in the past 2 and half years and I suppose I regret having missed out on the opportunity to document it on this blog.

Rather then recount the many days and experiences I’ve had since my last entry, let me just start from where I am now.

I have a job – many would say my dream job. In many ways it is. Yet at the end of the day, it is a job. It’s what I get paid, albeit not spectacularly, to do. Do I love it? Compared to a lot of other things I’d imagine doing I guess I do. But then again, I really can’t imagine doing very much else. Perhaps this means I truly have found my calling, my purpose and my duty.

As I read through my previous entries, I’m inclined to dwell back on matters of the heart and the state of my love life. However the truth is, I’m 2 and a half years older than I was when last I blogged, and I think I’ve gotten tired of whinging. It’s actually quite refreshing saying that.

I could spend countless hours tapping at my keyboard, writing down how cupid doesn’t seem to be my friend. I could wear out my laptop with stories and examples on how I’m plagued with feelings for the wrong type of partners and how the objects of my interest do not share my sentiments. But that won’t change a thing.

I’d rather talk about what’s good in my life. I’d rather talk about how I’ve made many friends, of whom a small number have truly proven their loyalty and value to my life.

I’d rather talk about the interesting experiences I get to fill my life with –how Avenue Q was a blast and how I found naked muppets more disturbing than I thought I would.

I’d rather discuss how a charismatic African American grabbed my attention with his energy, poise and eloquence while making his speech after becoming the US president elect.

I’d rather talk about the great food I constantly stuff my face with like the delicious, thin but tasty chicken soup served with my favourite Ramen at Marutama in Central. How the springy noodles go perfectly with the salty yet spicy addictive stock. How the pork belly served with the ramen should be renamed Ambrosia for it certainly fits the term “Food for the Gods” to a tee.

But I will do that another day, at another hour. For I have work to do and a life to lead.

~Totally Tim – Unsatisfied with life, yet unmotivated to whinge about it.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Totally Tim - Dusting off his Blog and bitching about yours!

Hokay. Surprise surprise the Tragic One makes a quick return to Blogville only for a short instance. No pre-publicity required. Not so conceited as to assume my return was so eagerly anticipated.

The world of Blogging especially in Singapore has changed tremendously and to some extent, ridiculously since I left it all those many months ago. Yes, when I stopped blogging, I also stopped following up and reading other people’s blogs.

How dramatic is that. The Timothean Titan has convinced himself that if he does not blog, then Blogging itself doth not exist. Muahahah! Yes still as cocky and delusional as ever. Some things cannot change lar.

But back to the point. I could be wrong but I always thought the premise for these online journals was to be, well, just that - Journals. Diaries if you will. A way for people to record what was happening in their lives, how they feel and perhaps a form of reference in the future for those who want to remember what life used to be like. At least that’s why I started blogging.

However it’s obviously clear, that is no longer the case. Blogging has become much more. Blogging has become everyone’s little piece of trashy tabloid space on the web. I guess Bloggers today are exploring this inherent need to be a gossip columnist. Which I suppose wouldn’t be such a big deal if they were a) eloquent, b) could spell c) had facts.

I always thought blogging, just like any journal or diary was supposed to be personal. Yet more often than not, the entries that I’ve read are mainly bloggers gossiping about celebrities, local (what a laugh) and foreign. Some bloggers have even taken to participating in BLOG WARS. Yes Blog Wars. Without going into detail…oh what the heck. Lets.

I was rather taken aback when I learnt about popular (or some might describe as infamous) Singaporean Blogger Xiaxue, another online blogger who even created a moniker called Xialanxue and their online assaults on each other. What was even more incredulous was the fact that there was so many of the blogging fraternity getting in on it, taking sides and fueling this Blog Battle.

Then there’s the case of the chick who apparently had plastic surgery. The blogging community was in such uproar. Why? Because some people and bloggers who claimed they knew her personally said she didn’t look like that when they were in school together. Then you have people who don’t know the girl at all taking sides and turning the issue into some investigative debate.

My take on this girl who may or may not have had surgery? WHO CARES?

I don’t know her. You don’t know her. How does her life and whether she had surgery affect your life? Leave her the hell alone. Even if she’s lying, what’s it to you? Everyone lies. If it doesn’t hurt you, let them.

Instead of writing about other people, write about yourself. What’s happening in YOUR life. Or even if you must write about someone else, then don’t just bitch. Instead explain how it affects you and how you feel about it. Make Blogging personal again. Don’t spend your time telling me what is going on in the life of another blogger. If I wanted to know, I’d go to THEIR blog and find out. Tell me what’s happening in YOUR life. I’m kaypoh. We all are.

The ridiculous thing is that there are probably a handful of bloggers in Singapore talking about their own lives. The rest of the blogging community is just blogging about what those few bloggers are blogging about. (Wow how many times did I say “blogging” in that sentence?)

Now the latest piece of news is this whole issue with the NYP school girl whose sex video got released on the internet. I actually saw the video at a friend’s place and really wasn’t all that impressed. Actually I take that back. I was very impressed. Not at the action on screen, but the phone itself. For a phone camera, the quality was freakin awesome. Plus I was amazed at the disk space and battery life of the phone to be able to take a 10 minute recording of such quality.

There are a few conspiracies going around. One is that this girl had her phone stolen and the person who found it uploaded the video. Another is that the thief was the girl’s lesbian partner who, jealous of said victim’s relationship with the boy (in the video) stole the phone and out of spite uploaded the video to screw them (as if they weren’t screwing enough already! :p ). The third one I heard was that this was part of an elaborate plan for publicity for a future pornographic movie starring the victim and this ‘leak’ was done intentionally.

Personally I think it might be an awesome marketing strategy for the hand phone company to impress people with the picture quality and video capability of their new set of mobiles.

These days, blogs are filled with “Oh I know her.” “Oh she’s the friend of a friend”. “Oh I went to school with her”. “Oh she’s the friend of my cousin’s dog’s grandmother whose owner was the godmother of my Dad’s sister’s classmate’s mahjong kaki!”

Okay maybe I’m exaggerating with the last one.

There was no mahjong involved.

I don’t think the girl was a slut. Neither do I think the guy is a pervert. They were two consenting people of age who had sex. So what? Is everyone who has had sex a slut and pervert? No. Is everyone who has sex a topic of conversation? No. If so we’d all be celebrities. Ok maybe not me. It’s been a while. Drought season. You understand.

So what if they used a camera. It’s kinky. I think so plus they had every right to do so. Whatever floats your boat, flies your kite or drives your car. Y’know.

I do hope that the person who stole the phone burns in hell. You and fuckwits like you are ruining the chance for the rest of us to live out our own fantasies and kinky practices. Because of you, people will now be afraid of video taping themselves and doing whatever else it is they do. You’ve spoilt it for all of us. The next time, erm….I should say instead…if ever there comes a time I might want to video tape myself in the throes of passion and think twice or face opposition from my partner because of this type of fear, you can be sure I will be cursing your soul!

Wow. For someone who said they weren’t going to write a lot, those words really came hard and fast didn’t they (Unlike the guy in the video hahah)?

Updates on my life…lets make this quick. Will try and elaborate later.

  1. Many friends gotten married. Been emceeing their weddings. Have a funny feeling I will end up emceeing my own if I ever have one. Can’t remember the last time I was at a wedding as a regular guest.
  2. Found myself once again in a long distance relationship. She’s a great girl so I’m going to try and make this work. I need to learn patience though. Becoming crabby in my old age.
  3. Still unemployed. Need a full-time job. Any lobang not? Been living on freelance writing and hosting gigs. Need something more.
  4. It’s been 7 months since I got my driver’s license. Just 5 more till I get rid of the “Plates of Shame”
  5. Gotten a Tan. (The sun one. Not a person with the sir name. Never dated a Tan. Hmmm wonder why. Anyway I digress) First one in years. But I have horrible tan lines, or patches....mainly due to the board shorts I kept on. I’ll show you sometime. No? Really? You what? You pass? Ok then.

Egads! I’m sure more has happened than that. I can’t be such a No-Lifer can I? Waitaminute. It’s 3.30 on a Saturday morning. I’m home. I’m writing in my blog. Ok point taken.

Alright. Time for the Tragic and Tacky Timothean to call it a night. Or a ‘Morning’. Or whatever IT likes to be called.

Thanks for checking back. If you’re even checking back. Or ever did.

~Totally Tim – Forgetting Hollywood and looking so Bollywood. Well that’s what some people say. (Picture taken at Sanjay’s wedding dinner which yours truly emceed. Not surprising)

Congratulations Melon and Felicia!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Totally Tim - The World as I know it

Greetings blog readers. Welcome to yet another entry that the Timothean Titan known to many as Tim has managed to squeeze out in between his daily, hourly, minute-ly(?) moping sessions.

Life hasn’t been too good as of late and while I’m not so certain I’d like to swap places with anyone else who thinks they’ve got it worse, I think we’re all entitled to our own quota of moping and venting.

Wanna know a secret? Yeah? Do you really? Well come up real close to the screen and I’ll tell you.

Keep Scrolling




Keep Scrolling




Life’s a bitch and anyone who says any different is either high or trying to sell you something.

Ok well maybe that’s not such a secret. And it really isn’t a new discovery to the Tragic one either. I’ve been suffering through a lot of emotional and cognitive dissonance as of late. Anyone who’s taken social psychology or any other psychology subject should understand. If you didn’t, then go look it up!

Basically I’ve just had a lot of internal conflict in the past couple of weeks and I haven’t actually figured out how to deal with it. It’s funny when people ask me about it and I tell them. The next thing they do is ask if I’m coping with it.

Well I dunno about coping. I don’t even know if I’m managing it. Most of the time I believe it’s my troubles that manage me instead of the other way around. So I guess if “coping” means just waiting it out until I feel better, then yeah I guess I am coping. After all as I mentioned earlier, these aren't new and unfamiliar issues I’m going through.

I mean I’ve felt it before and I know at some point I got better so I guess if history shows us anything, I'll get better again. Still I guess the sucky part is that sometimes no matter how many times you go through something, you never quite get used to it. It still bugs you just as much and what’s even suckier is knowing that you’ll probably have to go through it again.

Somebody told me the other day that you only have a certain amount of love in you and every time you go out with someone you give a little of it out and eventually you have no more left to give. As much as I think that’s a brilliant piece of depressive fodder to chew on in masochistic moments, I had to disagree.

I think the amount of love we have in us, is unlimited. As is the amount of pain we go through. It may sound silly but I think as long as you can experience hurt, you can offer love. Because if you think about it, if we couldn’t love, then we wouldn’t really be able to get hurt then would we?

It’s like this Felicity episode I once watched. Oh my God I’m admitting that I actually watched it. Well I didn’t follow it, but I caught a couple of episodes. Man that chick annoys me. Anyway I digress.

In this episode a bunch of the characters managed to get their hearts removed because they were so tired of getting hurt. Of course it worked to some extent as they seemed to be less troubled. However Felicity found out (she was the only one with her heart) that this also means they couldn’t express love or feel it.

Personally, seeing as I haven’t been experiencing much love as of late, maybe I don’t really need a heart after all. After all I could definitely do without the pain and frustration.

Fortunately I’ve rediscovered the Goo Goo Dolls as of late and I found comfort in the wallowing tunes and lyrics of Iris and Name.

I love this line from “Name”. I think it shall adopt it as what I like to call….


“Scars are souvenirs you never lose”

How true is that?

I’ve been told that I don’t listen or that I don’t remember…..

Then I guess I’m fortunate to have these souvenirs to remind me.

~Totally Tim – Looking for someone to take over the lease to his heart.

I'm sorry my time wasn't important enough for you to value.
I'm sorry your commitments to me weren't important enough to honour.
I'm sorry appointments with me weren't important enough for you to keep.
I'm sorry I wasn't important enough to you.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Totally Tim – From Tree Hugger to Tree Lover

Holy crap! The Timothean Titan really enjoys watching Rockstar INXS because it’s great to see a bunch of talented nobodies do a magnificent job with their renditions of some classic songs. Of course it’s funny to laugh at some of them when they don’t pull it off but hey! Even I will admit it takes a large set of grapefruits to just hit the stage and wow the crowd and an international audience on T.V for that matter. Doing a whole bunch of covers with their own personal touch showcases a lot of originality and improvisation and I really respect that and enjoy the resulting songs on a weekly basis. But this week …MAN what a show! The rocker wannabies proved they could not only pull off some of the best songs in rock music history but they even performed their own originals as well and did an amazing job.

But the one that stands out the most was Marty Casey’s original entitled ‘Trees’. I haven’t come across a track that I’ve gotten so obsessed with in such a long time. Not only is it catchy but I suppose the message really hits home to the Tragic One. I’ll let Marty himself explain what the song’s about. This is an excerpt taken off his Rockstar INXS personal space on MSN.

Speaking of the latest show this week, the real estate appraiser (can you believe?!!) says

“We also get to do an original, and I choose my song called "Trees." I wrote the song in New York City after a stressful relationship took a turn for the worse. It was a direct plea for a second chance to renew our love.”

Woah! Yes yours truly has felt that way many an occasion and while I may never have admitted it, deep inside I’ve always screamed out that plea no matter how bad things have gotten and how much my brain logically told me it was best to let go. What can I say? My brain and heart have never seen eye to eye. Fortunately I’ve got legs which quickly walk me away and let my heart deal with the regrets later.

Anyway, enough about me. Back to this awesome song. If there’s anyway for you to get hold of it, do it! Although at this moment downloading it would probably be your best option. And because I love the song so much, Too-Much-Time-Timmy has actually transcribed the lyrics for all to see and sing along. Yes I’ve been listening to it a lot. You’ll have to excuse me if some of the words may not be completely correct, especially the part about the “census” bit. (credit to Viv who has just informed me it's actually "give us the answer") I can’t for the life of me hear what he’s actually singing and this is the closest I could make out.

Without further adieu and for your karaoke-ing pleasure, Totally “Tree-top” Tim presents the lyrics to Marty Casey’s “Trees”.

I don’t want to go through this life
Without you by my side
And I’ve got it all worked out
In my head
Is how it’s got to be
It’ll be you and me up in the trees
And the forest will give us the answer

We we’ll make believe
In a world we rule together
We can build our dreams
We’re the not die type to last forever

It’ll be you and me up in the trees
And the forest will give us the answer
It’ll be you and I up in the sky
It’s a combination for disaster

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!

We got one shot
So where do we go from here

It’ll be you and me up in the trees
And the forest will give us the answer
It’ll be you and I up in the sky
It’s a combination for disaster

And I know
There’s more for us in this life!


And there we go. Hope you enjoyed singing to it as I have. In fact, chances are by the time you read this, I’ll probably still be singing it :P

~Totally Tim –Tripping out to Terrific Tree Tunes

Friday, September 02, 2005

Totally Tim - *Hic* ZZZZZZ! - I wish

Its 4.41 in the afternoon on a Friday and the no-lifer known as Tim has decided to spend the time typing out another entry. Yes it seems that the only time I get so hardworking in filling out this online journals when a) I’m upset about something or b) I have to too much time on my hands.

Well regardless of the reason, I’m still typing away so that’s what’s important, at least to me. I’ve learnt something recently, last night to be exact. I have an unbelievable tolerance to medication. I’ve always known that when it comes to sleeping pills and pain killers, I’ve always needed an extra dose in order to knock me out. I guess I am kind of like an elephant which requires a few tranquilizers to knock it out. Hmm maybe that euphemism strikes a little close to home after all I do see a lovely frames picture of a an elephant on my door. Wait a minute. That’s not a picture. That’s a mirror. Bah!

Anyway back to the story. I tried using some valium last night and lo and behold, it took 3 - 4 doses before I actually fell asleep. That’s right 4 doses. I would imagine that’s enough to send anyone into OD or at least to the hospital but no. Yours truly still managed to wake up 8 hours later. No doubt a little woozy but what the heck! After 4 pills you’d imagine I’d at least sleep till next Sunday. Man I need to find something stronger.

That’s why in my woozy yet very much awake state, the Timothean titan is busy drinking alcohol. But not just any alcohol. No no no! A Bombay Sapphire gin with 7-up to be exact. It’s the best I tell you. Of course there must be some sort of side effect from the combination of valium and alcohol but well, there’s only one way to find out. Besides I’m still typing coherently aren’t I? Well then again I wouldn’t know – all thanks to the wonderful feature of Microsoft’s spell check. Woo hoo! You go Bill!

Ok I’m still alive. Tonight I shall try a new combination. Sleeping pills, alcohol AND a hard punch to the head. If that doesn’t knock me out and give me my much needed dose of unconsciousness, then nothing will. So I need to got to a bar and tell somebody that they’re the most beautiful lady I’ve ever seen. Of course the person has to be a guy. Hee hee! It would at least be worth seeing the look on their face before my vision switches to stars.

Wish me luck readers. I’ll blog you next…probably from a hospital.

Totally Tim - djklfshhkljfdflk

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Totally Tim - Doctory Mockery

So the Timothean returns with a new episode in the on-going soap opera we call life. This time he’s annoyed. Yes he is. But what the heck, Tim is always annoyed about something or other isn’t he? Yeah I guess that’s true. That’s why I designed this blog with the whole purpose to rant. However I’ve since found out that nobody can kick butt better than I. Hence when I feel the need to whinge and wine, why bother going to peons and nobodies for advice when yours truly dishes out the best anyway?

So today, in the hot seat to complain about numerous notions and nutty circumstances we have (applause please) TIM!

And his doctor, council, consigliere and overall ideal advisor (louder applause) Tim!

That’s right my pretties, today Tim (that’s me) shall listen carefully and thoughtfully to yours truly and offer the right responses to me, myself and I.

Tim (patient): So Doctor Tim, I’m feeling troubled.

Tim (doctor): No shit Sherlock. Hurry up and get to it. Time’s a wasting.

Tim (patient): First of all. Why do women perpetually think that they’re the one’s constantly putting up with crap from men, when in actual fact, it is the other way around.

Tim (doctor): How old are you?

Tim (patient): 28

Tim (doctor): Then you’re a 28 year old twit. It’s taken you this long to figure out that women don’t know what they’re talking about?

Tim (patient): No. I mean I guess I just hoped I’d find someone who wasn’t like that.

Tim (doctor): I take that back. You’re not a 28 year old twit. You’re a 28 year old naïve twit! How many times have you found out women are the way they are and then gone out to find another in the belief that you’d find that special person who was different and wasn’t crazy.

Tim (patient): I dunno. Many, many times.

Tim (doctor): And how many times were you successful?

Tim (patient): None.

Tim (doctor): And do you still think you’ll find a woman who isn’t nuts?

Tim (patient): Yes.

Tim (doctor): Then you’re a multi time idiot with potential for more idiocy. I can’t help you. You just refuse to learn and no matter what I say, you’ll always be itching for more hurt. My advice if you’re still intent on continuing this search….medication. Let me write you a prescription.

And that concludes today’s session with Dr. Tim. Stay tuned for the next episode when he tries to help a patient who actually believes in true love.

~Totally Tim – Searching for his medical degree

P.S – Some parting words from Doctor Tim, “Why does the average married male die before his wife? Because he wants to. It’s called escape. Same reason why dinosaurs went extinct. They figured it was better to die millions of years before the species known as ‘woman’ drove them insane. Guys, do yourself a favour and pray for an ice age real soon.”

Monday, August 29, 2005

Totally Tim - crediting a few in my functioning dysfunctional family

Wassup yall! Surprise surprise , another quick entry from the Terrific Timothean. Just got home from a b-day celebration that turned out pretty swell. First up before I continue, a big shout out to my darling cousin Diane who turns 28 this Tuesday. Yikes 2 years to the big 3-0. That’s some pretty scary shit. I’ve got to remember to hang on tightly two these next 3 months before I hit 28 too. But hey! What could life possibly hit me with when I’m 30 that it hasn’t already after 28 long years of existence. Maybe I shouldn’t ask that question just yet.

Anyway yes, Diane turns 28 and is a lovely reminder that has a much of a dysfunctional family I come from, there’s still a few bright sparks this generation of my gene pool has to offer. A lot of people are always surpised when they find out how close I am to a few of my cousins and how we hang out in the same group and all. It doesn’t happen for many others and I guess it helps that most of my generation are around the same age so we do have loads in common. A tight age difference doesn’t always mean a close relationship with your relatives though. I’ve met many a prick the same age as me. Sometimes you’re lucky to have cousins you like. Sometimes you’re even luckier to have them as friends.

So we did our usual group ritual of celebrating our birthdays at Ban Leong seafood restaurant, although it’s more like a coffee shop. Yeah we had tons of food including chilli and pepper crab which I’ve got to admit, didn’t taste all that good. The sauce was all like watery and stuff. Eww! Try soaking up that with your “man to”. Not a pleasant experience I assure you. Dunno why they bothered with the buns. Should have just given us straws.

Anyway after a hearty chocolate ice-cream cake we decided to continue the evening at some place near Alexandra road. This place had a Balinese theme which looked pretty rad. Although after closer inspection, a Balinese theme is pretty easy to re-create. You just need to take a house and remove parts of the roof and walls. Still need to have the door frames though. Plant some trees and grow some grass, flood a few parts to make ponds, add frogs and voila! In fact you feel like you’re actually in a house in a war torn country or a place that’s been hit by a tornado. There’s no electricity either since every table's using candles. Tada! Now it’s an ethnic Balinese establishment. Some massive bullfrogs were also freaking out a few of the ladies by just croaking.

I’ll never understand how women can pour burning hot wax on their inner thigh, rip it off along with a tuft of hair, and still be afraid of a bullfrog croaking. Same goes with spiders, roaches and lizards. Then again there are a lot of things about women I’ll never understand.

So after numerous glasses of wine we decided to call it a night and drive home. It dawned upon me after I got home that considering there was so much wine drunk, there were an awful lot of drivers getting behind the wheel tonight. Bad! Bad! Bad! No drinking and driving! Yeah. That’s my little public service announcement for the night hahah!

Time go beddy bye now. Later peeps!

Totally Tim – Sometimes Boring. Always Adoring!